Acoustic consultant Form Design

Who is searching for acoustical solutions or advice has made the right choice with Form Design as consultant.  We start from the problem audit on site and look for the customized and best solution for the problem at hand.

100% custom design

Unique to our approach is that we tackle the acoustical problem at the source from your perspective and your problem and check on possible solutions that could offer relief. Form Design is an open source company that is not bound to of the shelf products but looking for the right products or production workshops that can deliver the right product that comply with the esthetical requirements.

We are convinced that only a customized approach can deliver satisfaction for high quality solutions. Too many salesmen are selling their package as the only solution at hand. We consult not only the best acoustical solution but also the right look and feel & not at least for “best buy” budget. 

Our strengths as consultant

  • Technical knowledge & close relation with engineering offices
  • Architectural feeling and understanding of architects creative vision
  • Practical expertise in implementation of different speciality products
  • Project coordination of contractors and installers
  • Discover how we work and for whom we do it.
  • Contact us for advice in acoustics and have a look at who we can help



Acoustic product developer

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