More than an engineering office in acoustics

Form Design combines the expertise of an engineering office in acoustics with practical experience and executive force. We translate abstract acoustical values in manageable solutions. Your acoustic problem becomes a tangible solution.

Customized acoustical solutions

Our cooperative approach with other engineering offices in acoustics, architects, designers, product developers and producers of acoustic materials always results in a solution with the best fit for your needs.

Form Design focuses on custom solutions: adapted to the wishes of the customer  or client and the needs of a project, taking the prevailing design requirements and norms into account, within your predetermined budget. We actively think with you as a customer to develop an acoustic solution with standardized or custom products within your concept and budget. The correct application of standardized products demands a certain amount of know-how and experience we are more than willing to provide.

Partner for your acoustical projects

Form Design, as an acoustics consultant provides you with more than 30 years of experience in the world of acoustics with insight in realistic and achievable results through our extensive knowledge of the market and available materials. Our expertise has been applied in offices, schools, hotels, movie theaters, auditoria, parliament buildings, industry and industrial production units, appartments, villas, public pools… Take a look at our references.

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We focus on accoustics and design

"With Form Design we function as an intermediary between designers on the one side
and purely analytical engineering offices on the other"

Work with us

Our services and strengths

  • Suppress contact noise
  • Correction of reverberation time
  • Soundproofing rooms
  • Vibration control
  • 30 years of experience
  • Custom market
  • know how in materials
  • Brand independent
  • Project management: consltancy and execution

Acoustic product developer

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