Acoustic solutions for professionals and private individuals

Form Design is your partner in acoustics. As consultant we advice contractors, architects and building advisors or engineering firms. But also private individuals can use our practical expertise and product know how.  

An engineering project often includes the acoustics of a space.

The acoustics of a space is a part of a general engineering project. Specific topics require a well-grounded approach. Form Design will gladly assist you by conceiving a realistic solution for your reverberation problem or reaching the level of acoustic comfort. With our acoustic solutions, aided by our practical experience and product knowledge, you can efficiently translate your norms and values to a suitable tailor made offer.

We have concluded several successful projects with the following acoustic engineering offices: Bureau Johan De Laere, Filip Verbandt (Eva International), studiebureau Jan Matthys, Environment Acoustics, Technum, KUL acoustic laboratory professor Gerrit Vermeir, Daidalos-Peutz, Venac and others.


Acoustics is an essential component of the perception of architecture.

When you, as an architect are designing something it is important to take the acoustics of spaces in terms of their function into account. Form Design will help you with the practical-technical execution of a design in which we harmoniously combine the acoustic needs of the project with the aesthetic appeal envisioned by the architect. We offer a combination of custom made production facilities and known products. If you wish for standardized products, we can help you as well. Besides this we also offer custom-made solutions, real tailor made solutions!


Acoustic specifications of a building require practical experience in execution.

As a contractor it pleases you to deliver a successful construction project where all important factors were taken into account. However, the acoustics of a building is a job for a specialist who can translate abstract specifications and demands into to tangible solutions. It is essential to select the ideal partner that can provide you with a number of budgetary solutions for, often unexpected and inadequately budgeted acoustic demands from the tender documents. We will be happy to support your construction team with the realisation of custom acoustic solutions, both for specific rooms as for the entire building. All this within your predetermined budget.

Private individuals and companies

Every acoustic problem has a solution

Do you have a problem with the acoustics of one or more rooms? Do you need to find answers to the acoustic demands of your construction projects or for the nearby residents? Or do you have a problem with the improvement scheme of the workplace of your employees? Installations or neighbours that are too noisy? We would be glad to offer you a complete solution tailored to your specific situation.

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